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Pianist. Teacher.

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About me

Magnus Baumgartl is a professional pianist from Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Since his childhood, he has successfully captivated his audience with his sensitive and unique piano playing.


Magnus received his first piano lessons at the age of eight at his local music school. During his youth, he mostly learned piano in a self-taught manner until pianist Miho Imada prepared him for the entrance exam for music university after completing his Abitur. Since October 2019, Magnus has been studying at the State University of Music in Trossingen, majoring in piano performance under the guidance of Prof. Ákos Hernádi and piano pedagogy with Mechthild Großmann. Numerous master classes, including with Prof. Noam Sivan (piano improvisation) and Prof. Thomas Hell (piano), as well as active self-study in all areas of music history, theory, and pedagogy, complete his musical education.


Magnus has accumulated many years of performance experience and numerous successful concerts. With over 10 million video views on YouTube, his music has international appeal. Magnus regularly performs for Hapag Lloyd cruises on their exclusive luxury cruise ships and travels the world with his music.


As a classically trained pianist, my deepest passion and dedication lie in the realm of classical music. The works of great masters such as Bach, Mozart, and Chopin are for me more than just notes on the sheet; they are stories, impressions, and expressions of profound emotions and artistic finesse.


However, my music extends far beyond the boundaries of classical music. In my repertoire, you will find a rich selection that blends the timeless elegance of classical music with the vibrant energy of other genres. From melancholic or energetically swinging jazz standards to captivating pop ballads, and from the powerful chords of rock to the captivating melodies of film music—each piece is an expression of my versatile love for music.


In my performances, you can feel the bridge between tradition and modernity when classical mastery meets the freedom of improvisation. It is the connection of the past and the present that makes my playing unique and opens up a new perspective on the piano.



Immerse yourself in the sonic landscapes of my piano music! In my videos on YouTube, you'll discover music from a variety of genres. Each piece is a journey through different styles, showcasing my musical range and passion for the keyboard. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of music and explore the story behind each keystroke!